Services We Offered

Our Services

We have the right caring, experience and dedicated professional for you.

Engine Upgrades

We have specaliszed for the Engine Upgrade service.

Carburetor Cleaning

We have professional trainers and give the best service for carburetor cleaning.

Spark plug cleaning & Gap Adjustment

We give best serive for spark plug cleaning and adjustment.

Water Wash

We providing best water service.

Break Down Check Up

Best service for break down check up and adjustment.

Foam Wash

Best service for foam wash.

Bike Oil Change

We give best oil service and genuine charges.

Steering Adjustment

We have the best tools for the best service.

Air filter Cleaning

We have experience and dedicated professional for air fillter cleaning.


Lubrication for the Clutch, Break, Chain.

All electrical Work

We have well exprienced technisions for you.

Battery electrolyte Level Check & Top up

Branded battery electrolyte we will change.

General Service

Chain sprocket cleaning

Accelerator Adjustment

Fork oil Level checkup

All Bulbs Checking

Battery electrolyte Level Checking

Engine oil Level Check

Breaks wear inspection & Adjustment

Hydrographics Painting

Break shoe cleaning

Nuts, Bolts & Fasteners